39 Ft. Creative

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Our Mission

We're a digital marketing agency that focuses on lead generation and how to leverage customer data to grow customer results.

Our Methodology

At 39 Ft. Creative, we look at digital marketing differently than our competitors do. We hear too often customers are disappointed with the lack of website tracking from agencies that don't clearly translate what it all means for the client. We are the best website analytics agency in Binghamton, NY, that actually talks to our clients about what metrics are most valuable to target. We are 100% transparent with our clients and we aim to give our clients the best in customer service and superior design. Our mission is to deliver digital marketing strategies and high functionality website to accelerate your sales team efforts. Our clients receive the secret insights into their website analytics to help grow more revenue and increase search results to grow more website traffic. Wouldn't you want to know how your customers navigate your website, and what they look at and purchase the most. No, this isn't a trick question, it's to point out that you may be under evaluating how to get the most out of your website. To often, web analytics and user experiences go unnoticed and unchanged, which over time will lose you time and money because no one told you there was a mistake – a costly ouch!

Planning too much at once creates oversight, this isn't a good position to be in when you needed results, like yesterday. That's why we adopted an unit of measurement that everyone understands – one foot, one step at a time. We focus on crucial goals first instead of sprinting to reach the end goal, which almost always wastes time and money, leaving you with little revenue growth. We manage each business website or Ad campaign differently by measuring how to achieve the first goal, then we worry about reaching the next 10 goals.

Our keen eyes pick up subtle changes that helps us to make gradual improvements to your website user-experience, and furthermore increasing conversion rates. That's why we are the best at what we do and our clients appreciate our attention to detail. The "39 Ft." in our name signifies 39 feet total in our "digital marketing tape measure" to guide us along every foot, for each goal to scale your marketing efforts.

where do you want to be at 39 feet?

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What We Do

39 Ft. Creative is your next-generation digital marketing partner. We help our customers with their most challenging advertising demands, such as Google Ads, Web design, eCommerce, and growth marketing. We leverage data analytics, combined with top-notch web design skills, to create superior WordPress websites.

We build websites for all types of businesses, such as SaaS, construction, law firms, medical, sports organizations, and manufacturers. We are experts in several industries because we have successfully built and researched the best web techniques for reaching your customers.

Client Testimonial

As a lawyer who decided to expand my practice by creating a web site, I received a glowing report about Keith Dubuque, a web designer and digital marketing expert. I contacted Keith and have relied on him for a number of months and have never been disappointed. He and I routinely speak on the phone and have been communicating by email ever since. The web site he designed is everything I desired. Keith is exceptionally knowledgeable not only about designing web sites but, perhaps more importantly, about guiding my marketing efforts via Google and Facebook. He's a quick learner, very personable, and a great listener. He takes my abstract, disconnected thoughts and magically creates concrete words and images. He even encouraged me to shoot a short video for the site. I can't say enough about Keith as a talented, skillful team member.

Mark Levy – One Step Patent

Our Team

CEO | Keith Dubuque

It’s hard to say Keith Dubuque, the owner of 39 Ft. Creative digital marketing agency, only wears one hat on any given workday. There are many areas of expertise Keith has explored in his career, but his favorite by far is web design. “Dynamic user experiences are the best impression of all,” he says. When Keith is not in the office, he’s often planning his next hiking trip to the Colorado mountains.

Art Director | Krystle Morosey

Krystle’s a talented graphic designer, with a love for packaging design. She has helped agencies with emailing marketing, and tradeshow designs for over 7 years. She has worked for food and energy companies to leverage their brand identity and improve their customer positioning matrix.

VP of Sales | Jason Hill

Jason lives in Binghamton.

Director of technology | Jason Rioux

Jason is a computer genius, and loves spending time fishing.