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Without a doubt, video is the most valuable advertising and marketing strategy businesses can invest in. When it comes to growing customers, static ads are no match compared to dynamic ads with audio and video. Short 30-second video ads seen on social media channels or a placed on a landing page outperform traditional static ads by 10X.

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Facebook Users' Video Consumption

Facebook data shows that 45% of the people who watch the first three seconds of a 30-second video will continue watching the entire video.

People will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos in 2021 according to social media analytics.

Client Video Work

Roll-n-Vac | Explainer Video

The Roll-n-Vac team asked us to create a full-length video to show how their extraction industrial vacuum can be used for digging holes for fence and mailbox posts. The video had over 2,400 views on their website in the first month, and was used when the company exhibited at trade shows.

GHS Credit Union | Animated Commercial

A Federal Credit Union need short videos to introduce a new branded character and promote their services on several platforms, including local television. We designed four videos with their character “Gracie”, animating her hands and eyes to specifically help make a connection with mobile users. GHS received great feedback from both young and older audiences, and this video campaign turned out to be a great success and case study.

MVP INNovative solutions | Logo & Explainer Video

Mark Pierson, the owner of MVP Innovation Solutions, asked us to create a logo animation and explainer video to show his clients the services he provides as a mechanical engineer.

Koffman Southern Tier Incubator | Logo Animation

The Koffman STI asked to have their logo animated for use at events and during presentations that would showcase the community of startup companies in the building. We incorporated images of the occupants and the building itself within elements of the logo as it rotated into focus.

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